Diamond Crown
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About Diamond Crown

Manufactures of high quality Steel, PVC, Wood panel Doors & Remote gate automations.

DIAMOND CROWN has been in the market for more than 15 years and we have been providing our customers with the finest of Steel doors, locks and gate automation Keeping the customer satisfaction and safety as our first priority.

we are the only manufactures in India to avail customization option of steel doors to the customers. We have franchises distributed all across India and We are among the top steel door manufacturers that deal with high quality Steel Doors, PVC Doors,wood panel doors and remote gate automation that meet international quality. We have been providing the finest quality and premium steel doors that are both beautiful, stylish and strong to our customers since 2004. We strongly believe satisfied customers are the best source of advertisement. Every door that we make adds up to not only to safety but also to beauty, elegance and the best we can offer to our customers. We have franchises spread across South India and parts of north India,While our corporate office is located at Thrissur, Kerala. DIAMOND CROWN is an ISO certified organization, which has proven itself in the market and in the industry to be the best in customer satisfaction and in providing the finest and premium steel doors along with other services

Our Mission

Our motto is serving our customers with the best quality and Our mission is encouraging the customer to welcome the possibility of infusing creativity, design and elegance in their homes by choosing us. We also encourage customization keeping the customer satisfaction in our priority. We believe in customer satisfaction and keeping our customers happy with the product is the goal and priority of DIAMOND CROWN.

Diamond Crown
Our Vision

we provide the customer with innovative design, Safety concerned locks and superior quality finishing for the doors at affordable price. We exactly know what our customer need as we not only sell but understand our customers needs and requirements.our key to achieve customer satisfaction is,we plan before we promise and we are committed to deliver what we promise

Diamond Crown
  • Mission

  • Vision

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  • Long-standing, strong relationships with major manufacturers

    We have long-standing relationships with premier global industrial manufacturers. As a preferred partner, we often procure on favourable market terms and source scarce products from multiple producers and regions.

  • Broad product offering under a single umbrella and value-added service

    We offer our customers with a one-stop shop solution for their needs and requirements. We meet our clients demand,offers and provide them with the best that we can offer. Our wide range of product line and services enabling our customers to shop their requirements at a single place. We value our customers individually, so we try to study their needs and requirements and offer them the best.This results in not only satisfying contract demands but also developing innovative and cost-effective solutions to our customers’ individual needs.

  • Extensive Kerala distribution network

    We have franchises across India, We have an excellent delivery management system in order to deliver the goods and services at the right time. Our experience in the market has taught us how to efficiently manage our inventory and distribution channels thereby reaching from metro cities to rural locations.

  • End market and product-specific expertise

    We help our customers identify and select the product to enhance the performance characteristics of their project. Our extensively trained sales teams and engineers are dedicated to helping our customers select the right product for their application.


We take pride in delivering products and services of the highest quality. We're dedicated to building strong and lasting relationships with our each and every clients.